As a way to unify females all over the world, BCG Publications created the "#GOAHEADGIRL" Pledge. It is a digital pledge that connects women in unimaginable ways. A simple signature shares your promise to be the best you can be to your peers and yourself.  

  • It is a way to meet and greet women from all over that have many things in common, and that is to live their dream and have a great life. It is a pledge that celebrates community and encourages support, acknowledgment, and celebration to females doing amazing things.  
  • Once you sign the pledge and it is accepted be prepared to receive an email with a #GOAHEADGIRL badge which recognizes that you took the oath. 

 *Please note: This badge does not mean you or your brand is a feature on BCGPUBLICATIONS. 



  • I will seek approval for my creativity only from ME, the creator. (Your opinion is the most important. The way you feel about yourself is the most important.)
  • I will show support to another female doing something astounding from the ground up. (Showing support from the ground up is the right thing to do. It indicates that you are genuine.)
  • I will show support to all females of all races. (This world is filled with an abundance of different women from all over the globe. There is no reason for you to only show support to your own.)
  • I will not accept anything below my worth. (You are worth it, and people should pay for it.)
  • If I need support, I will ask for it. (Sometimes you expect people to notice your creativity automatically.  They may be caught up in their lives and unable to recognize yours. The best way to get support is to ask for it.)
  • I will only ask three times when it comes to my business/goals. After the third strike, they are out. (Many times we make a request to others and get no response. They only respond when it benefits them. Limit those request to only three. After the third time stop asking. Asking too much keeps you from focusing on our journey and seeing other opportunities currently waiting for you.)
  • I will NOT take on more than I can handle. (We do too much and for too many. Retake a step and cut down your workload.)
  • I will say NO if I cannot do it. (Sometimes saying YES way too much can over exhaust ourselves. It's time to love ourselves more and put ourselves first. Just say NO.) 
  • I will NOT be an HATE{HER}. (Karma is a Wi*&ch if you hate on her she will come back to hate on you in ten folds. Why waste your energy hating on someone. Change that thought of jealousy to love and admiration it will turn your Karma into delightfulness.)
  • I will NOT add someone to my events list, or rub my success in anyone's face. HA! WE LOVE THIS ONE. (It is a waste of your time and your energy. Only surround yourself with people who share your interest or genuinely support and care about what you do. Shoving it in her face does zip but boost your ego, which is fabulous already. You DO NOT need her or her energy.)
  • I will NOT be selfish. (If I can refer or help another female entrepreneur I will. Helping her may create a job for someone else in the future which may finally end unemployment.) 
  • I will not bully another person. (You have no right to bully someone or make someone feel as if he or she is not worth it. Everyone one is unique everyone is special. Just because they are not like you or do not look like you or do not take part in the same things you do does not mean they are unworthy!)

Before you sign speak this into existence. 

I Believe I am good enough. I am worth it. I am beautiful. What I have created is exceptional. What I have accomplished is remarkable. I believe in myself and know I will accomplish all that I set out to achieve with or without anyone’s support. I deserve everything that is great. I open my heart and my mind to success, love, encouragement and an overall beautiful life.Β 
— Me

Feel free to email your photo after to you complete this form to, or send us a message to add to this pledge. Learn more about our movement  #GOAHEADGIRL