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The basics and understanding of inside BCGMAGAZINE. 



Our Founder Nicola Styles creates the illustrations you find throughout our website, magazine and online shop.  You are welcome to share the images on our site which has watermarks or already sizable to Instagram and other social networks.. However, to use these images for your business without restrictions, please download them from here. 


Some photographs and video footage are submitted by outside sources such as  Interviewee or respectable public relations' firm and will be clearly noted. If for any reason the proper credit is not given, please contact us here.  Others are created by Creative and Genius Media/Network. All video interviews and features recorded by us are granted permission by the location and the person being interviewed or their Public Relations firm and representatives. 


BCG Publications which include BCGMAGAZINE.COM + BEAUTYCOCKTAILSGIRLTALK.COM currently shares advertisements through third parties. Some articles are sponsored or affiliates and listed as such. Items that indicate our editors tried it will list #GIRLVERIFIED.  Some views and opinions are of BCG Publications which include BCGMAGAZINE.COM + BEAUTYCOCKTAILSGIRLTALK.COM, other views and opinions may be of third parties or collaborators and will be stated in the article. 


#GIRLVERIFIED allows our Editors and contributors to share their experience with a product. As a reminder we encourage you to always try out products for yourself to make sure they work for you. BCG Publications which include BCGMAGAZINE.COM + BEAUTYCOCKTAILSGIRLTALK.COM is in no way forcing any of our readers to purchase or try the product. Our goal is only to share our experience and give direction on where to buy. Please use discretion. To learn more about #GIRLVERIFIED go here.


Our WEBSITE, which has the link is on Apple News. Apple News on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch collects all the news you want, right where you want it. Use on a device that has iOS 9 or later.  Each article published here will post on Apple News. To bookmark us on Apple News, please go here.  


To keep the authenticity of press releases submitted to BCG Publications which include BCGMAGAZINE.COM + BEAUTYCOCKTAILSGIRLTALK.COM, we publish press releases as is or as close to the release as possible. Although we do review the statements made on the releases we accept no responsibility for any misinformation provided. Our goal is to update our reader's with accurate information presented by brands itself or their representatives. If by any chance a press release needs to be updated, has an error or requires removal, please contact us here and complete our general form. 


Although medical/mental health advice or information is on BCG Publications which include BCGMAGAZINE.COM + BEAUTYCOCKTAILSGIRLTALK.COM it is not intended to provide and does not constitute medical, legal, or other professional advice. was created to inspire, motivate and support. However, we DO NOT  replace any medical or Psychiatric Treatment or advice.
If you feel you have a mental health emergency, please contact local 911 immediately.