Why actress Katie Cassidy would make the perfect bff!

Why actress Katie Cassidy would make the perfect bff!


The talented Katie Cassidy is the girl you want to go shopping and have cocktails with. The talented actress from CW’s hit television series, Arrow. We know her from Supernatural, Melrose Place, and Gossip Girl. We're obsessed with her blog, Tomboy KC where she shares fashion advice, beauty, lifestyle tips and ‘owning your own style.’ Today we're breaking down her personal style, being unique and always evolving. She's definitely a FEMALE OF STYLE. Photos Courtesy of Katie Cassidy captured by  Suki Lynn

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Her style on screen?

I think I'm very different in my every day/personal life than on screen (as far as style). Obviously, every character has a different type of style, a different look. It’s really important to me when creating a character, to have the right wardrobe and costume. It’s a part of my process. I’m very specific about that.

Her FAVE motto to live by?

I really believe in being comfortable in your own skin and not giving a sh** what other people think. Be yourself. Be true to who you are and own it. Not everybody may like it and that’s okay. I encourage women, especially, to be themselves, to be confident, and not think they have to be ‘cool’ or look a certain way. If you want to wake up in the morning and go rock some flannel pants and a ripped up t-shirt and sneakers, go for it. Who cares? Your style is another creative outlet and a way to express yourself. Personal style never goes out of style. Personal style is always evolving and it’s unique. It never gets old.

What is the one thing you know now that you would tell a younger version of yourself?

Honestly... to go with my gut. Not just when it comes to fashion, but in life in general. I remember when I was younger I was influenced by so many people (parents, friends, people at school). You know, everybody has their own opinion. I think I doubted myself a lot..I remember wearing things that I felt ‘it wasn't for me.’ I wore these dresses and let stylists put me in things that...my gut was like ‘this is not for me.’ I know, I look a certain way and people are like ‘oh we want to put you in this because you're blonde, have white teeth, and a pretty smile’ (laughs) but I kinda don't always want to wear a dress nor do I always want to wear a short mini skirt.

Now, I feel sexy in a suit, a man’s suit. Julia Roberts just did a campaign (Givenchy) where she’s literally in a man’s suit. To me, that’s just the modern day woman and so sexy. She’s just like ‘whatever', I don't give a sh**.’ I wouldn't exactly say that to a young person (laughs), but I will encourage them to be themselves and if I could tell my younger self-something, it would be to listen to your gut.

What about your style in everyday life:

I like having the attitude of not really caring what other people think and trying not to overthink and just being confident with what I'm wearing. Sometimes it's terrible (laughs), we all make mistakes, but I like to look and feel effortless. But, if I think too much, that’s when I feel like I am having one of those bad days. For the most part, I like to mix something casual with something nice (example: ripped jeans with a blazer). It’s about what I'm feeling in the moment.

When we watch you on screen your acting seems so effortless, do you still feel nervous/anxious before performing and how do you overcome this?

The only time I think I get a bit nervous or I think too much is when I'm shooting Arrow. It has probably been the most challenging role, only because I play a lawyer and there’s a lot of legal jargon. For me, I process everything a certain way...I can’t just say words on a page and memorize it. They have to make sense to me, they have to have a meaning, a feeling, a thought. In a non-legal setting, the stuff that’s more emotional, those scenes are a lot easier for me because I know the character and our writers are so brilliant and so good that the words just come out of my mouth effortlessly.

When it comes to legal jargon, there’s nothing emotional attached to that for me. When I have the courtroom scenes, I obviously do my research and homework and figure out what these words mean but they are never emotionally driven scenes. They're words that I don’t use in my everyday life. I didn't go to law school obviously (laughs). It’s interesting because my business partner for my blog (Tomboy KC) used to be a lawyer. She’s not only my best friend and my business partner, but I also call her from time to time and say “I know the meaning of this but can you try and help me make sense of it in a language that I can understand.”

You also have a successful blog in which you share tips on beauty, fashion, and fitness with your fans, Tomboy KC. Out of all the tips and products you share what is your 'go to’ makeup item that makes you feel confident inside and out and why?

Well, it all depends as far as makeup goes, for me it’s all about the eyelashes. I LOVE mascara. I thank my parents for giving me good genes to have long eyelashes (laughs). It’s funny when people compliment my eyelashes, I always say ‘thank my parents’, I didn't do anything to get these, but I am grateful for them (laughs). I'm obsessed with mascara. I feel like I've tried them all. I go through my phases. I tried the higher end mascaras and (just so everyone knows) the drug store brand, have the best mascara! My go-to for long wear was L’OREAL Voluminous. I switched it up and now I am using Revlon (Luscious Plumping Lashes). I'm obsessed with going to the drug store, it’s like I'm a kid in a candy shop. I should not be allowed in any drug stores (laughs).

Can you share some of your fitness secrets with us? What is the key to staying fit and healthy?

Going to the gym and working out has always been something that I have done and love to do. Not only for physical reasons but it makes you feel good internally. It makes you feel more confident especially when you are looking in the mirror. It just builds an inner confidence and it’s a therapeutic release for me. I've always been very healthy. As far as tips and tricks, the one thing I've noticed with my body (first of all everyone's body is different), each person's body will respond uniquely to different workouts.

I think it’s about mixing it up and continuously having your body guessing and also feeling happy. You know what, just be happy and work on yourself and do things for you. Not in a selfish way but in a healthy way. As far as eating goes, I believe in ‘you are what you eat.’ When I was younger I read a lot of books about food, nutrition, what’s healthy, and how eating organic is very important.

Obviously, you can’t always go by the book and I've learned that you can’t be too extreme. Everything should be done in moderation. For me, I love, love, love pizza (laughs). If I could have pizza every day for every meal, I would. Having said that, you can’t deprive yourself of anything you love. You can’t just eat egg whites and eat super healthy because you’ll go crazy. You have to allow yourself to enjoy life and live a little.

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