The Shopping List: Would wearing a full body condom improve your athletic performance?

The Shopping List: Would wearing a full body condom improve your athletic performance?

You heard us correctly. Sports Apparel made from the leading condoms and lubricants brand. 

SKYN® Condoms Experiments In Sports Performance ApparelI

Ansell, a global leader in protection solutions and the makers of SKYN® Condoms, an innovative brand of premium condoms and lubricants, is excited to present SKYNFEEL™ APPAREL. This one-of-a-kind conceptual long jumpsuit for elite athletes is made of SKYNFEEL™, the same revolutionary condom material that lets you feel everything.

With cutting edge design, drawing inspiration from biomimicry, SKYNFEEL APPAREL seeks to minimize body limitation and give extra airtime to the long jump athlete. "The SKYN® brand has innovation woven into its DNA," says Jeyan Heper, President & General Manager, Sexual Wellness Global Business Unit at Ansell.

“In the world of competitive sports, athletes look for every advantage, and we knew our SKYNFEEL condom material was revolutionary in our own industry, therefore we turned to the world of performance athletics and decided to conduct an experiment in apparel. We wanted to allow ourselves to think differently, outside of our own condom box.”

To create the one-of-a-kind concept garment, SKYN Condoms partnered with fashion designer Pauline Van Dongen, whose wearable technology creations have won wide acclaim.  

“Experiments like this can point the way to the future. For me, SKYNFEEL APPAREL is about challenging the status quo, trying something totally new, daring to innovate, imagine and inspire.”
— Van Dongen

The resulting SKYNFEEL APPAREL garment features dragonfly wing-inspired flaps located on the edge of the body, constructed from a thin layer of SKYNFEEL and reinforced by a geometric laser cut grid. Designed with the long jumper's technique in mind, the flaps stay flat during the run, to open up with the jump – just as the athlete twists their arms and straightens their legs.

The aerodynamic design creates an upward lift that could help long jumpers stay in the air just a little bit longer.

For more information on SKYNFEEL APPAREL visit http://www.skyn.com/en-US/SKYNFEEL or watch:

About Ansell:

Ansell is a world leader in providing superior health and safety protection solutions that enhance human well-being. With operations in North America, Latin America/Caribbean, EMEA and Asia, Ansell employs nearly 15,000 people worldwide and holds leading positions in the personal protective equipment and medical gloves market, as well as in the sexual health and well-being category worldwide.

Ansell operates in four main business segments: Medical, Industrial, Single Use and Sexual Wellness. Information on Ansell and its products can be found at www.ansell.com.

Ansell, ® and TM are trademarks owned by Ansell Limited or one of its affiliates. US Patented and US and non-US Patents Pending: www.ansell.com/patentmarking

About SKYN Condoms by LifeStyles:

Based out of Iselin, NJ, the SKYN brand of condoms was launched in 2008 as the first-ever polyisoprene, non-latex condom that met all the U.S. Food and Drug Administration requirements for safety and efficacy. The SKYN brand is the latest addition to the LifeStyles brand portfolio; the LifeStyles brand of condoms was launched in 1985 as a U.S.-based consumer product of Ansell Limited. With over 20 styles of condoms and an assortment of other pleasure products on the market, Ansell and its affiliates are some of the leading distributors of sexual health goods in the U.S. and Canada. More information on SKYN condoms can be found at www.skyncondoms.com/us/.

Header image courtesy of SKYN(r) Condoms Experiments In Sports Performance Apparel (PRNewsFoto/SKYN Condoms by LifeStyles)


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