#CAREERTALK: New York's First dubU Launches for Aspiring Video Content Creators

#CAREERTALK: New York's First dubU Launches for Aspiring Video Content Creators

dubdub, the premier video creation mobile app that enables bloggers and businesses to create, edit and post quality videos, today announces the launch of dubU (short for dubUniversity), a program designed to help influencers leverage video in the best ways possible. dubLoft, the studio where evangelists train content creators on the dubdub app, will open its first New York branch in December.

This follows the company's debut in July 2016, which garnered more than 120,000 downloads across 141 countries, and recent $4 million in funding.

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Video is on the rise across all social channels, yet many content creators remain intimidated by the medium and are worried about making the change. This issue becomes even more amplified for influencers with a massive, established and loyal fan base. To change an art form they've already perfected means taking a step back to completely re-learn a different style. But audiences have become so accustomed to rich content that those who aren't equipped to satiate these appetites will quickly fall behind.

dubU is designed to help combat the intimidation factor for emerging influencers. Arming them with better tools and personalized lessons, dubU assists content creators making the transition to video and help catapult their digital brand. With New York home to some of the world's leading influencers, dubLoft in beautiful Bryant Park will mirror the successful studios in Toronto and become the first of many nationwide hubs opening in the future.

"We understand that switching to video can be frightening for many content creators. With our dubdub app, and now with the opening of dubLoft in New York City, we wanted to tackle that intimidation factor head-on," said Hilton Barbour, dubdub CMO. "As we've seen with our first dubLoft in Toronto, aspiring video content creators will be able to schedule time with our product evangelists to learn the techniques required to create engaging video content right from their mobile device. We welcome any content creator who's keen to make the switch to video." 

Intended to accelerate the confidence and competence of aspiring video content creators, dubU is open to all content creators and doesn't require participants to have a massive following. With the recent addition of award-winning director Steve Chase as chief storyteller, dubU and dubLoft will become the best educational center for influencers interested in discovering the power and possibilities of video. Steve's unique and talented background will help guide product evangelists at dubU, who will coach and train the next generation of impactful video content creators.

"Despite the ubiquity of video, influencers don't know where or how to begin using it," said Steve. "dubU is our way of breaking down these barriers. Using a hands-on and face-to-face approach is the fastest way to combat their fears and educate them on the benefits and opportunities of video."

dubU lessons and curriculums will be available by appointment. For influencers across all categories and experience levels, these one-on-one sessions and training range from basic tips like best ways to shoot product reviews to advanced analyticsβ€”all expertly designed to build their confidence in creating compelling video content.

For more information or to download dubdub, please visit www.dubdub.com.

Logo courtesy of dubdub. Header photo: by Toni Hukkanen

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