#GOAHEADGIRL Danielle Moss, Co-Founder of The Everygirl.

#GOAHEADGIRL Danielle Moss, Co-Founder of The Everygirl.

Danielle Moss, Co-Founder of, The Everygirl. The Ultimate life map, for the career-driven woman.  Four months after it launched, Forbes named it a top 100 website for females.  On top of that, Danielle is a photographer, graphic designer, interior stylist and web designer. 
#GOAHEADGIRL we are not hating! 

Illustration by Nicola Styles.

Danielle worked from home since 2007, so being productive wasn't an issue, but finding that elusive work-life balance has been a struggle.

Photo by Danielle Moss via 100 Layer Cake-let

She decorated her homes, so they feel like pretty, calm, and cozy places to work and relax. Danielle is also sort of a health nut.

I love working out and follow a pretty healthy diet. I put a lot into my friendships and surround myself with people I care about and know they care about me as well. We launched theeverygirl.com to inspire young women, and that has been the driving force behind what we do. I think it comes down to putting your best self into everything, but also making sure you take the time to relax, laugh, and not take yourself too seriously.
— Danielle Moss


Packing up and leaving home.

Danielle went from LA to Chicago.

Leading up to the move, I honestly felt a little numb....
— Danielle Moss

It helped to do a 1-month sublet just to make sure I could handle it. People always tell me how brave I was for moving, but truthfully, I was terrified, even after testing the waters. Not being hard on myself and giving myself some time to process this big, upcoming change helped a lot. It made a move possible. Once I arrived, it came down to putting myself out there in a way I never had before. I grew up with a smaller group of friends which meant never making much of an effort to make new ones. Working from home had I not made a concerted effort to make friends, this could have been a very lonely experience.

Here I am, years later, in a city that now feels like home, with some of the best friends, a girl could ask for.

Photo via Danielle-Moss.com

On The Everygirl, they regularly share wonderful advice for 'women.' Here are Danielle's three tips to a great life.

  • If you do not have your dream job and aren't sure of what you want to do, take up a hobby or two–find something that you love to do after work or on the weekends. I started blogging and never would have imagined it would have led me here. Even if it does not lead to a new job, you may make a new friend or just find a great new hobby. 
  • I would say to end a relationship that you know isn't what you want. Wait for one that's worth it. Moreover, put a lot into your friendships. Surround yourself with strong, amazing, selfless women. 
  • Don't wait.  Live your life. Save money, travel, and do things that make you happy.
  • Don't look for other people to find happiness and end that relationship because it is not going anywhere. Also, everything is going to be ok.

If you could do anything else what would you do?

Well, I was a graphic designer (and part-time photographer) before launching The Everygirl, and never imagined launching a website, so I have no idea. I have wanted to be almost everything. Maybe interior design? Who knows?

What do you have to say to the hate{hers} aka haters, bullies out there?

I would tell anyone being bullied to hang in there and know that the person picking on them is so much more unhappy and insecure than they could imagine, and to get help if necessary. I have seen/heard about some nasty behavior on the internet and think it is ridiculous. I know people can be hurtful, but it just seems pathetic to me. If you do not like something, click that little "x," stop reading and move on.

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*This interview was previously published.  Due to the inspiring nature of the feature permission from original publishers were granted for re-publish on beautycocktailsgirltalk.com.*

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