#GIRLTALK with Actress + Author Ashley Rickards

#GIRLTALK with Actress + Author Ashley Rickards

Meet CelebriChic actress Ashley Rickards, star of MTV's Awkward and Author of 'A real guide to really getting it together'. She's outspoken, smart, talented and an actress that can take any role, whether evil or Awkward and make it so believable, you not only fall in love with her, you'll tune every week because you're madly in love with her persona. 

Ashley talks 'redefining style' being a bully and shares tips on handling your emotions with #TTF!

"Girl, I'm a Go Getter! "- Ashley Rickards

You are a trained, talented actress with a ton of amazing shows under your belt, outside of acting, how do you feel you have redefined style in your daily life?

Fashion for me is about being proud of your body, of who you are, enough to show your personal style and taste in a fearless way. Having style is different than fashion. Style, is your taste, your perspective, and your own statement. Fashion is just what everyone else tells you to wear, it's fleeting.

Although you've been acting for quite a bit of time, when you perform do you get nervous/anxious, when was the last time and how did you deal with it?

Well, I think I'm pretty good at covering my nerves! Normally I get nervous right before I start a new project, be it writing, directing or acting when I don't break down the entirety of a situation into manageable steps, I get overwhelmed. That's why, it is always important to have a plan-- preventing undue panic attacks and procrastination. But If I'm having nervousness and I can't quell them for some reason, I take a few deep breaths and remind myself that anxiety can feel very similar to the excitement. Redefining the emotion helps me work through it.

We've created a one-of-a-kind anti-bullying platform called 'The B.Word', in which we request inspiring people such as yourself to share words of wisdom with people that have been greatly affected by bullying. These days children teens and adults are being bullied on the internet, at school and at work. It has lead to violence or suicide. This epidemic has grown tremendously over the past few years. If you had the opportunity to say one thing to a person being bullied, what would you say? If you can say one thing to the bully what would that be?

I have been both the bully and the bullied, and I would say to anyone who's going through it to remember that it's really NOT about you. It's true what they say about jealousy or insecurities ruling our bullies-- I can confirm it. When I was mean to kids growing up, it came from my own dissatisfaction with myself or my envy of someone's apparent comfort with their individuality. The best thing you can do is let it go and stay true to yourself, you can let the haters hate and force you into self-doubt or self-loathing or you can be a fearless version of yourself who understands that it's NOT about you.

What would you say are your three pet peeves when it comes to your career or life? (keep it real, inquiring minds want to know :) 

  • When people I do not know well use nicknames with me. Recently worked on something and one of the crew members kept calling me baby girl, Lil mama, boo, hun etc., literally every time she spoke to me. I know she was being nice but in my head I was like "I'm not your boo or a Lil mama!".
  • I also hate it when people talk really, really close to me. Like when you can feel their breath and they are saying things that aren't so intimate as to require only 9 inches from your ear.
  • And lastly, people who tell me things 5x. Conversely also people who ply tell me things 4x. It's a lose-lose situation there. 

What is the one thing you know now that you would tell a younger version of yourself? 

"I am perfect right now, in this moment, as is, simply because it is where I am, in this moment and that's who I am meant to be right now." 

For everyone pursuing their dreams and feeling unsure to continue because of the challenges they may deal with, what steps do you take to stay uplifted? Any advice for those days when you are faced with giving up?

Do not take no for an answer, persistence is a powerful trait to have. Also, if all else fails, make your own work! Entrepreneurs start empires from the ground up, if you can't join em (the empire), beat em (with your own empire).

Also, when it comes to style, what is your go-to outfit that makes you feel yourself and why?

My go-to outfit would probably be a crop top, skinny jeans and a sweet pair of kicks. It's really relaxed and laid back but functional and fun if you accessorize it right. I'm also a fan of a sexy pantsuit because it really makes me feel like a power player!

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