#GOAHEADGIRL is an active girl power hashtag, an exclusive interview series and also, a 'Hater-Free' and 'Bully-Free' Movement. 
It is our mission and duty as an online publication and as females to inspire HER to go ahead and get anything she wants out of life, to never give up or give in, to 'PUSH' forward despite the obstacles. It is our responsibility as human beings as women to preach encouragement, diversity, love, and respect. Scroll down for more.

Illustration inspired by the beautiful @jessimalay & @stylepantry



#GOAHEADGIRL stems from a recurring statement our Founder, Nicola said to herself, her friends, and fellow entrepreneurs regularly to keep advancing. To focus on moving forward instead of spending time watching or 'hating,' on what another person is doing or accomplishing. As a personal survivor of vicious bullying, Nicola set out to create a movement that can redefine the way we look at another person's shortcomings. Instead of criticizing someone, congratulate by saying #GOAHEADGIRL. 

The goal of the #GOAHEADGIRL movement is to urge people to take responsibility for their actions.  Moreover, realizing that inflicting negative energy onto another person can only result in the karma of negativity in their life. 
— Nicola

About #GOAHEADGIRL  Exclusive Interview Series.

A particular segment that highlights and celebrate females from all over the world, with various careers doing amazing things. Some of our features include interviews with ladies who are generous and want to share their experiences, advice and inspirational words to help motivate our readers. Other features are "SHOUT OUTS" in which we acknowledge females making things happen, or celebrate an accomplishment and achievement. 

I would like females to understand that every individual is energy and if you surround yourself or keep your energy in a negative situation, you CANNOT progress. You will find your days, weeks, months or even years at a standstill. 
— Nicola Styles


Each day we need to feel encouraged, inspired and motivated. Because every day is a new day and we never know what that day may hold. Knowing there's a backup or someone there to push us to pursue our dreams, to make the most of our time or to have our back can make all the difference in the world, even if that person is a stranger. 

Photo by William Stitt


Our photos, illustrations,

and articles have a message behind it, and this is what makes our movement unique. It is about cheering on another person even if they are your direct competition. 

Illustrations inspired by the beautiful @prissysavvy @drayamichelle

Our founder has placed whom she is and her beliefs on the forefront by creating #GOAHEADGIRL.  We have made a place for millennials to begin to blossom, to receive knowledge, after all, they are our future, and it is our responsibility to prepare them. We have designed a system that encourages unity and community instead of harassment, 'HATERISM' and bullying. 

We invite you to submit to us for feature or a 'shoutout' consideration below. In the meantime join us as we push others to pursue their dreams, to make a mark in this world, to spread their wings, to love, believe and stand up for themselves. 

#GOAHEADGIRL you can do anything!
— Nicola Styles


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